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Replay Video Capture is a video-capture tool for Windows
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Replay Video Capture is a video-capture tool for Windows. It allows you to capture almost anything that is shown on your computer screen into a video file. The application is said to work with any video that you can play on your computer, but that is not entirely true.

In my testing, I tried to capture videos from the usual websites first. I tried YouTube, MetaCafe, etc. This did work. Capturing the video is really easy. There is a control window where you set the screen region that you want to record and a few playback controls: record, pause, stop, play, view. If you want to record a YouTube video, you first have to open the video on your web browser. Then you need to click on the "get window" button on the Replay Video Capture interface, and click on the video on YouTube. The application automatically detects the region that should be recorded on YouTube. However, in my case, it also selected the YouTube video playback buttons (the bar at the bottom from where you pause your video). And it showed in the recording. Also, I could see the mouse pointer moving around inside the screen region to play the video. This application simply records your screen, it doesn't actually record the video for you. So, if you move the browser window or move your mouse around, or if the video hangs or stops, all of that will get recorded into an MPEG file.

I also tried capturing video from a video player. Standard definition videos showed fine and were successfully recorded. HD content didn't get recorded at all. In fact, all I got was a purple background for the duration of the videos.

All in all, this application does record videos for you. But it does not produce the best quality videos that you can get. If you want to use it for screencasting, it could be a good tool. For downloading videos off YouTube, there are many better applications, even for free.

José Fernández
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  • Good for screencasting
  • Automatic selection of screen region


  • It doesn't record all types of video
  • It does not always produce same-quality recordings
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