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Replay Video Capture 8.6.3

Replay Video Capture can easily record your screen
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Replay Video Capture can record your computer screen. In this regard, it supports capturing the whole screen, a selected region or a given window. Besides, it can record not only video but sound as well. In relation to audio, it can use two sources simultaneously. And as an additional feature, it lets you take screenshots.

Luckily, it supports a long list of output formats. And in case deciding which ones to use is difficult for you, the program comes with some presets, specifically configured for such uses as embedding the recorded movies into a PowerPoint presentation or a game, playing them on a PC or a portable device as well as using them for webinars. Fortunately, these presets ensure the minimum file size possible and high quality recordings, as even HD is supported. In fact, the program can record in Windows Media Screen 9 codec, which produces very small files.

The application´s main window is quite straightforward. However, other secondary windows intended to configure the program may seem a little confusing at first, mostly because some of the parameters are hard to find. To enhance video capture performance, the tool allows recording in the background mode, a unique feature by this program that lets other windows overlap the recorded region without obscuring the video. Moreover, you can use a wide range of hotkey combinations to control the program without needing to use the mouse. And not only that, you can also schedule recordings to start at a given time.

In general, except for its recording in the background mode, the program´s features didn’t impress me much, I have seen other tools with very similar characteristics. Sadly, I regret saying that my experience using this program wasn´t a pleasant one. At first, it seemed to have been installed perfectly, but when I tried to start the tool, it simply generated an error message. This could be related to my computer running Windows 10 (which according to the developers is a supported Windows version) because I was able to use the program on another computer, this time on Windows 7.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It allows recording in the background mode
  • It allows recording video streams
  • It supports HD recording
  • It can produce very small files
  • It has several presets
  • It can be controlled with hotkeys
  • It lets you schedule recordings
  • Dual audio recording


  • It had some problems to run on Windows 10
  • Secondary windows are somewhat jumbled
  • Too pricey
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